ViewMyPaycheck List of online paychecks

Upload your employees' paycheck information from QuickBooks to ViewMyPaycheck. When you upload paycheck information after a payroll, your employees are automatically notified and can sign in to ViewMyPaycheck to view their pay stubs online.

List of online paychecks

Enable your employees to view copies of their W-2 forms in ViewMyPaycheck. Employees can then sign in to ViewMyPaycheck to view and print copies of their W-2s.


Employees can also import their W-2 information directly into TurboTax and enjoy the added confidence that their taxes are done right. They'll also benefit from an exclusive discount of up to 25% off TurboTax products.

Ready to Use ViewMyPaycheck?

You can sign up for ViewMyPaycheck from your QuickBooks company file.
  1. Open your QuickBooks company file.
  2. Get the latest payroll updates.
  3. Choose Employees > Send to ViewMyPaycheck and follow the onscreen instructions.