Thank you for signing up for ViewMyPaycheck! We know you and your employees will find it convenient and easy to use.

Before you start, you need to perform a couple of one-time setup tasks, which will take just a few moments. If you need help setting up ViewMyPaycheck for your company, ask us!

Important! You'll use your employees' email addresses when you invite them to ViewMyPaycheck, so be sure that each employee email address is correct and unique in your QuickBooks company file. You can quickly verify employee email addresses by running an Employee Contact Report in QuickBooks and then verifying the email addresses with your employees.

To run an Employee Contact Report in QuickBooks, go to Reports > Employees & Payroll > Employee Contact List. Be sure to include the email address in the report.

To set up ViewMyPaycheck for your company:
(Click a step number for detailed instructions.)

Select and upload your payroll data from QuickBooks to ViewMyPaycheck.

When you upload existing paychecks from QuickBooks to ViewMyPaycheck, you also upload employee information that's required to invite your employees to ViewMyPaycheck; for example, the employee name and email address.

To do so:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to the Payroll Center.
  2. In upper-left corner of the Payroll Center, choose Print > Print/Send Pay Stubs.

    Print Button

  3. In the Select Pay Stubs window, check and, if necessary, change the date range in the Checks Dated fields to include pay stubs that you'd like to send to ViewMyPaycheck.
  4. Click Send Online. Don't see the Send Online button?

  5. Mark to Send

  6. When prompted, enter your ViewMyPaycheck user ID and password, and click Send Online to send the data to ViewMyPaycheck.
  7. If you're prompted to select an application, choose the one you want from the list, click Use selected application, and then in the Send To ViewMyPaycheck window, click Send Online.

    Select a ViewMyPaycheck Application

    • If you are uploading data to the application for the first time, choose the empty application.
    • If you manage multiple companies and have uploaded data to the application before, select the application.
    • If you don't see the application in the list, you may need to scroll.
After you upload your employees' information and any historical pay stubs, you can invite your employees to ViewMyPaycheck.

Invite your employees to the ViewMyPaycheck application.

When you invite your employees to the ViewMyPaycheck application, you send an invitation email that includes a link and instructions employees need to use to activate and sign in to ViewMyPaycheck.

Important! You must upload your payroll data from QuickBooks (described in Step 1) before you invite your employees to ViewMyPaycheck.

To do so:

  1. Sign in to
  2. When prompted to invite your employees, click Yes.
  3. In the Send Invitations window:
    1. Review the list of employees, including the email addresses. We'll use these addresses when we send the invitation email to the employee.
    2. (Optional) Enter a custom message in the box below the employee list. We'll include the message in the body of your invitation email.
  4. When you're ready to invite your employees, click Send.

That's it! Next time you run payroll, QuickBooks will automatically prompt you to send paycheck information to ViewMyPaycheck.